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Easy To Background Verification

TrustCard provides the most reliable, compliant and cost-effective way for employee verification.

Services we provide

Professional Services

(For Company HR/Consultants/Recruiters)

Our background verfication processs provides to companies to ensure that the employee has not exaggerated their role or skills and any other information.

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Personal Services

(For Users/Employee)

Employees can verify their own background through our background verfication process using the uploaded documents in the trustcard.

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Tenant Services

(For Landlords/Brokers)

Background verfication helps Landlords/Brokers to ensure the credibility of tenants before renting your property.

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Enterprise Services

(For Corporates/Large Businesses)

TrustCard enhances background verfication program in large corporates to provide greater efficiency and compliance.

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Simple Verification Process

Select Services

Select the service you want to use.

Fill Information

Fill all the necessary infmation and attach
documents that is required for the verfication process.

Get Result

Track progress of your verfication
report will appear in your profile page.

Why choose TrsutCard?

Clients choose our service because we provide accuracy and quality of product.
We provide results in the most appropriate time in 24 to 72 hours.In some cases, the result may be delayed due to some technical or criminal issues.
Our expertise enables us to cover more ground in less time. We provide you with comprehensive screenings in an affordable, cost-effective, and in less time.
Legally Compliant
We are a federally regulated Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and fully comply with all local, state and federal laws that relate to pre-employment background screening.
Customer Service
We offer the highest quality service. Unless you are not, we are not satisfied, and if for some reason you are not satisfied with our results, then we will continue to work with you and provide better results.
We collect feedback from our customers and this helps us improve the performance.

TrustCard Experience

Research Expertise
We connect with various data sources to provide real and effective information to you.
Customer Service
Our agents are trained to answer all your questions. Get in touch with us on email or phone. No more waiting!
Simplified Reports
Get instant feedback from our data partners on your applicants to take informed decisions.
Technology Automation
Get instant case updates. Ordering a background verfication check has never been so easy.