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If company size is more than 1000 Employees

Enterprise Services

TrustCard Enterprise is a highly sophisticated Enterprise Screening Platform solution that enhances employment screening program in large corporates to provide greater efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, and compliance.

dvanced capabilities, such as intelligent ordering, dynamic reports, and automatic compliance, help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, info-security and employment screening program policies.

TrustCard Enterprise Benefits
- API’s for HR Integrations and Data
- Partner connectivity
- Instant SLA
- Enhanced Verification & Research Methods
- Error Free Reports
- International Checks

Our proprietary screening engine is built with smart workflows, which eliminates manual steps and offers an experience that allows for quick on-boarding of candidates

Client Interface
- Order single-multiple cases instantly through our intuitive and simple forms
- Download interim/final case reports
- Reporting and Dash board Module offers live case status and notifications
- System can be configured for HR teams to manage multi-location with roles based access rights
- Platform with API connectivity to data sources enables faster verification
- Fully customizable for volume, process & check flexibility
- Complete case management with SLA, Quality and Audit Trails
- Customizable report formats and trackers
- Check questions to be changed on the fly to suit customer requirements

Oniverify Platform
- Paperless form filling by candidates to submit information & documents - Direct co-ordination with candidate, thereby eliminating the need for HR to intervene - We ensure timely updates & reminders are sent to candidates to ensure on-time submission

Data Security And Compliance
- ISO 27001 Certified - We monitor threats real-time to ensure data security and privacy; - Bank level security - High availability infrastructure (99.99% uptime) - Onsite storage and cloud backups - All applicant sensitive information is encrypted using AES 256 algorithm - Our site undergoes independent surveillance, ongoing penetration testing, security scans, - threat detection by our internal team and external auditors - Real time auditing of all data access logs and changes by stakeholders

TrustCard Experience

Research Expertise
We connect with various data sources to provide real and effective information to you.
Customer Service
Our agents are trained to answer all your questions. Get in touch with us on email or phone. No more waiting!
Simplified Reports
Get instant feedback from our data partners on your applicants to take informed decisions.
Technology Automation
Get instant case updates. Ordering a background verfication check has never been so easy.